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BABA sleeveless suit with feet | dupačky

BABA sleeveless suit with feet | dupačky

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A comfy choice for babies and toddlers to wear during the day or at night. Unisex style. Available in ecru and brown.


Dupačky sú dobrou voľbou pre najmenších, pretože sú pohodlné na nosenie cez deň i v noci. Pre dievčatá aj chlapcov. Dostupné v dvoch farbách, slonovinová a hnedá.




100% cotton

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This product is designed and sewn with care in Slovakia at CZULA studio.

Care Instructions

To make products last longer, wash at low temperature with like colours and hang to dry. Wash inside out your plant dyed garments. Do not use gall soap, do not spot clean and do not hang plant dyed clothes in direct sunlight! Please keep in mind that natural dyes can react to acid (citruses) and bleach the colour. It is normal that dyed clothes may fade a little by washing but naturally brown coloured garments usually darken. Also remember, dyed garments soften by washing.

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